Wednesday, September 19, 2007

GIMP - the massacre

ok, now I did it! I figured out the whole nine yards - so I can do layers, change images sizes, and even save it in the right format to preserve the layers (well, yes, this part took a little help from miss Cerino).
Now I just have to remember that before I post the image here I have to change it into jpeg again.
Here's the pic - me and the love of my life - isn't photo editing a ticket to the land of dreams? (someone should tell Renee Zellweger that I have had a crush on him before she even dreamed of it)


simplyvee79 said...

wondering if Prof Langran will read this-

i am reading the copyright material and wondering if my newest photo-editing should be in my blog since it has a pic of Paul in it.

Judging by what I am reading it does seem, for a bnumber of reasons, to fall under fair use...

but i can't for instance attribute this picture to anyone, since I have no idea where i got it from.

truth is- I've glued pics of me to Paul's my whole life in my journals, which was never an issue.
But if journals are now on the web... should cut and paste pics be left out of them?

Elizabeth Langran said...

You are correct in all of your thinking!
- Yes, especially because it is on the web, it is probably a copyright violation. But as you've seen, there are plenty out there! It's probably ok to leave this on your blog but I would stick to the rules for your website.
- It would most likely fall under Fair Use if putting Paul in a photo were for educational purposes and it stayed within the confines of the classroom.
So glad you are thinking of these things and that you stuck with working on GIMP!